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Disciple U


It’s about creating an atmosphere where they can belong.

We believe that our purpose is to show our youth how awesome GOD is. Our goal is to give them a safe, fun, and exciting place to go on Friday Nights. 

We encourage the youth of Celebration Church to be involved in everything we do from inviting, participating during Sunday service,

and serving on a volunteer team.

When does it start?

We have YTH Night every Friday Night at 6:30 pm 

Invite your friends ages 10 - 18.

We are expanding, we are growing, we are a family.


A message from our Youth Pastor

"Hey guys, my name is Devon Powers. I started Celebrate YTH for just that purpose. To CELEBRATE YTH!!! There are a lot of places young people, teens, and young adults go on a Friday night, and honestly... Some places aren't that safe or great to be at. I wanted to start something to not only give young people a safe place to be but also a great place to have some fun. Plus, you get the night off!!!"

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