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Creating an atmosphere
where they can belong.

Children aged 4 to 12 attend our Kids Church service every weekend, where they are immersed in dynamic worship and Biblical teaching. They learn about the Bible, how to have a relationship with God, memorize Scripture, and have a good time forming friendships.

When does it start?

We start every Sunday immediately after worship at about 11:30

We are expanding, we are growing, we are a family, ages 4 - 12.


The Message

We believe that children can understand God's Word, love Him, and apply it to their lives. We aspire to provide our children with a solid spiritual base. When learning about the Gospel, we teach Scripture, sing and dance, and have a wonderful time. We look forward to teaching children the biblical truths of God's word every Sunday. Every week, all of our children and adults learn a similar lesson, which allows families to have biblical discussions at home.

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