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A Clear Sign...

The EVIDENCE File is stacked in our favor. The file contains evidence of the power of the words we speak, the power of the actions we take, the power of our prayers and worship and so much more! As you can see we really do have the advantage when it comes to providing evidence, a clear sign that God has really impacted our lives.

As we begin to embark on this series entitled ‘Evidence’ we should be looking for ‘clear signs’ of Gods presence, His power, our son-ship, our abilities, etc...

As we journey through this incredible series you will see the amazing benefits God has given to us. In addition to learning the benefit package we will also learn how to use those benefits and apply them to everyday life. You do not need to be the Apostle Paul or Peter in order to use them. We are going to get started using them asap because we want to see breakthroughs in area in our life and the lives of those around us.

Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Here we go!


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