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My Top 5 Worship Songs -Devon Powers

My Top 5

Hey y’all, My name is Devon Powers and these are my TOP 5 worship songs!!!

My top 5 honestly change constantly because i mean… How can you just have 5???

BUT starting at #5 “Names” by Elevation Worship X Maverick City Music! My favorite lyric in the whole song is “Everlasting Father, You are Prince of Peace

Immanuel, God with us, You're here with me, Wonderful Counselor (I'll talk to You every day) The government is resting on Your shoulders”

Coming in at #4 we have “RATTLE” by Elevation Worship!!!! This song will rock (Literally) your world!!! It is the perfect song to put on while you get your GODfidence on!

Number #3 “Champion” by Donte Bowe OR Brandon Lake x Maverick City (Their cover is amazing as well) My favorite part is “When I lift my voice and shout, Every wall comes crashing down, I have the authority Jesus has given me, When I open up my mouth, Miracles start breaking out I have the authority Jesus has given me” Whenever I hear it I get a sense of WOWness because of the power and authority we have in JESUS’ NAME!!!!!

2nd place #2 I have to go with “Too Good To Not Believe” by Bethel Music X Brandon Lake… The entire song is so powerful, the declaration as the church is so needed, and it changes the lives of those around you.

FINALLY number #1!!!!! It is very typical BUT I like it because of a different reason. #1 “The Blessing” By Elevation Worship!!! At 7 minutes and 9 second mark Pastor Steven Furtick shouts “Come on, put another blessing on ‘em Kari…. MAY HIS FAVOR” and to me that moment is so beautiful because the original song was supposed to end there but Pastor Steven extended it and it just stuck. PLUS I get to bless my offspring that I have never but will meet in Heaven someday!

That is it from me, my TOP 5!!!

Go check them out!!! DP OUT!!!

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