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Faith is key

Faith is the Key that unlocks the Supernatural. We all have issues, problems, and situations that we need some supernatural help with. It is in those times that the faith that we have cultivated and developed in the quiet time comes to the surface.

In the Bible there is a guy named David, who for a long time was thought of as just a shepherd boy. David was taking care of the family's livestock while his brothers were warriors in the military. The brothers looked down on David until the Philistine Giant named Goliath taunted the Israelite army.

David rushed to the defense of the Israelites and told the King of all the wild animals that he had slain while protecting the flock of livestock. The King reluctantly allowed young David to go and fight the giant and David was victorious.

Now here is the simple point to this story, David was able to fight the giant when all the warriors of Israel and Philistines were watching because he had developed and trained in private.

In his book “Mamba Mentality” Kobe Bryant talks about this very same principle. He talked about how he would practice his basic game time shots 100’s even 1000’s of times so that when the lights came on and it was showtime and the game was on the line he would not be afraid of the moment. Instead, his muscle memory (years of practice) would take over and he would naturally make the shot. But it was because of the long hours spent training even when he thought he was already good, that elevated him to one of the greatest to ever play basketball.

It is that way with our faith life. When things are quiet and “boring” that’s when we spend the time to practice and elevate our faith. Spiritually training when no one else is watching so. That when the trial comes or the problem arises your faith is already at a high level and you are ready to spring into action!

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