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Hosting the presence of God (Holy Spirit)

Today we will simply look at two aspects of Practicing being in His presence. If you can implement these two basic things into your life you will experience Him in an entirely new way.

1. Repent

The word repent means to change your thinking. So our first step is to change what you're thinking about. Instead of thinking about and spending time researching the latest diet fads or the new fishing equipment or the latest gizmo that they have added to a particular car that you like, instead of spending time thinking about those things start thinking about God, in particular the Holy Spirit. Think about what He is doing, go ahead and go all out and ask Him, Holy Spirit what are you doing today? Can you show me something that is new to me?

2. Worship

Holy Spirit is deeply involved in your worship of Jesus. The amazing thing is that if you want to practice being in His presence you have to be interested in what He is interested in. According to John chapter 16, He wants to glorify and lift up the name of Jesus. So that must become your focal point as well. Everything else flows from that.


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